Nano steam

The wegamed Nano steam is able to to convert substances into nano particles. The nano particles are twenty times smaller than a human cell and can be absorb by the pores of the human skin.


Your support for regeneration and detoxification

The issue of keeping healthy both in mind and body has become one of today’s society main topics where the people get older and older than they used to. To stay healthy the body has to be treated with healthy products is a very well known concept. Therefore the importance of natural ingredients and substances has risen substantially.

A completely new development is founded on that logic and achieves impressive results regarding fitness and well-being by using natural products in a very efficient way.


The procedure

Where previous procedures failed the Nano-nebulization technology enables us now to atomize liquids with a high viscosity into the smallest particles. Clinical trials processed by universities have proven the effectiveness of the technology applied by the new Nano steam device. The procedure is well suited to increase well being, helps with pain relief as well as with insomnia and improves mental and physical performance.

The Nano steam uses the following mechanisms of action to achieve positive effects on the whole endocrine system:

– activation of the metabolism inside the cell complex
– increase of the body’s bio-photonic field
– neutralizes free radicals

The wegamed Nano steam is designed as time and space saving as possible for you while it fully delivers all the described effects and benefits for your clients.


As up today the following substances can be nebulized:

– Hyaluron
– Ubiquinon (Q10)
– Dead Sea salt


Effective in practice

The Nano steam achieves the best effect when the patient inhales the steam inside a room of the clinic. There it is ideally suited to be applied simultaneously with the Med matrix wellness therapy. The wegamed Nano steam transports the valuable natural ingredients as Nano particles to the body. They are absorbed by the body’s skin and mucous membrane.


The advantage

Through the Nano-nebulization the active substances unfold in the cells and spread over the blood pathways to the whole body. The basis is the considerably better bioavailability of the substances introduced to and around the cells. They thus act „precisely“ on the organs of our body. The advantage is that much lower dosages are required to achieve the desired effect.


The result

Good tolerability with high efficiency without side effects. This is the improvement that Nano-nebulization brings for our body, in particular for maintaining or combating aging processes, as compared to other forms of administration of drugs (e.g., over the food routes or over the skin).



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